Backed by a team of professional event planners, we deal with brand all clients design criteria,

learn how PASSIVE CREATION can help your brand from a initial brief we can develop ideas in line with your idea.

Live social/business party/events.

Logo design/Brand enhancer, Business ads...

We've also work with local business helping enhance there new projects, We also have a local  business ads directory to help build your next Passive Creation.

Take a look inside!

Event Planner/ Promotional Brand support, Virtual Music Production - Weddings, logo design/enhancements, private catering, coordination, logistics, local business ads directory. ​ Bringing your  Live party/event /s to life take a look inside!

Event planner/business ads, brand enhancer. Work with us. Passive professional consultants.

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Passive Creation

 We have a proven track record working close with our past passive clients, We get to know 
them, offer brand enhancer support with our professional event planners the process & build helps build
a long lasting working relationships.




We’re proud to provide community members with top-notch service.

Our clients love working with us, large firms and startups many of them returning as repeat customers. 

We strive to be the best Brand enhancer, Business ads...Create Designs To Your Requirements! 


Get in touch  work with us.


We are proud to have some of the industry’s best consultants our professional support brand team have the capability and passion to help take part in being your next brand enhancer, Business ads...enhance your design list your  next business with us, our staff are the foundation for our success in serving our clients....


That’s why we invest heavily in being creative by networking, development and forming a work environment that fosters their brand growth.


Event Planner/Promotional Brand Support,

We can help you easily create your own professional brand logo stand out above the rest!

We create your own professional look!
 Our bespoke made logo/templates will give you that finishing touch.

Consultation is free to help build and match your needs 
learn how PASSIVE CREATION can offer brand enhancer support.

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Tummy Tonics
Helping Kind Hands

Templates to help you easily help  make your brand enhance above the rest!
We create your own professional look!
 Our visual made backgrounds/templates will give you that finishing touch.

Consultation is free to help build and match your needs 
get you inspired with your next creation.

Event Planner/Promotional Brand Support,
We’re committed to supporting brand business products

not only providing quality products and services, but we

will go above and beyond to ensure our business

customers are completely satisfied.

Rest assured our enhance design & creative creation

will help support your brand. We welcome you to look

through our site to see all we have to offer.

Why not let us be your brand enhancer build your brand

enhancement in our local business ads directory.

We could help to build your passive creation too!

Passive professional brand websites


Try Passive Creation brand intro visual templates, We can help you easily 
create your own professional enhancements to your logo or just your name.
 Our templates will give your online presents that finishing touch it deserves.

Event Planner/Promotional Brand Support,

Consultation is free to help build and match your needs to

get you inspired with your next creation. 

Learn how PASSIVE CREATION can help your brand

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 We have some of the industry’s best passive

professional catering consultants:

Private event planner (bookings only)

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From a base of classical training we have over 25 years

working in quality hotels and fine dining restaurants in the

UK and Europe, so we can offer you and your guests a truly

thought provoking dining experience.

Our desire is to deliver an unforgettable

private dining experience with a menu that is

created specifically for you and your evening,

or your special occasion.

We source all of our produce from the very best suppliers

within the UK, and some from around the world, with the

aim of bringing you ingredients that are second to none.

Event Planner/Promotional Brand Support,
business ads brand enchancer
Event Planner/Promotional Brand Support,
Passive professional consultants who can also offer virtual assistance

Sheffield. England, United Kingdom